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WHat is #rootcauseracism?

#RootCauseRacism is an international effort. Thought leaders, organizations and the everyman coming together to discuss, develop and implement solutions and bringing about real, sustainable change.
But we're not recreating the wheel. Processes already exist to make change happen. To identify the root of the problem, not just the symptoms, and address it.
Through the use of continuous improvement methodologies we seek to change mindsets, help people worldwide develop new habits, and establish different behaviors. This is what we need to address, and stamp out, rampant racism globally. We need a different way of thinking and we need it to be something we can apply to our every day lives, both personally and professionally. This is how you create sustainable change.
In the August 8th guest post One Small Thing: Sharing our Visions and Voices to #RootCauseRacism on Mark Graban's Lean Blog, #RCR founder, Deondra Wardelle, explained how the racial injustices of 2020  touched her personally and how we as a global community of individuals and organizations can understand the challenges of this issue and determine solutions to bring an end to social injustice and systematic racism. She discovered that she wasn't alone in her thinking. Both people of color and allies were experiencing similar emotions and the need to take action and implement change that would last. 
And a movement was born.

taking the NEXT steps

People want change but they don't know how to make it happen. This is where we help you come off of the sideline and discover meaningful ways that YOU can develop and execute a plan to address systemic racism within your circles of influence. 

It doesn't matter if you are a single individual, a group of friends, a small organization or big business. If you are motivated to perform anti-racist actions, then this is where you take that next step. 

Easy Step:

In August 2020, a group of professionals who were committed to using continuous improvement methodologies to offer S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) countermeasures began to share their thoughts, ideas, and actions with the world. Our intent was to craft measures that address the root causes of institutional racism in various areas, including Community Involvement, Business, Education, Healthcare, Government, and the Arts.

These countermeasures appear in a series of blogs. Our ultimate goal is to get our readers to respond to the calls of action in each blog. We want each person to be motivated to support racial equity and justice for all Black people.

Easier Step:
Share. Information is not meant to live in a bubble. Only when we share our knowledge, actions and experiences with others can we begin to affect real change. Share what you read and learn here with others. And share your experiences, triumphs, and knowledge with us and the #rootcauseracism community. 

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