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#RootCauseRacism is a community. The ideas, experiences and hopes expressed on these pages do not belong to a single individual but to a growing group of individuals who are taking action, being intentional and encouraging others to do the same. 

The root causes of institutional racism are found in various areas, including education, health care, business and government. And these are the areas we are tackling first. 

Below you will find blogs and featured resources specific to the areas of education, health care, business and government. We encourage you to explore your primary areas of focus, comment on posts, let us know how you used the resources you found here and, most importantly, share with us your thoughts, ideas and resources for eradicating systemic racism. 



From school budgets to classroom sizes, curriculum to afterschool activities, it is not news that there is a decided lack of racial equity in education. The first step, we must educate ourselves, then we must take action to do better. Below are blog posts and resources that will help you and your communities do both. 

Featured Education Resources

Michelle Pennix  (Thought Leader)

An Open Letter to Well-Meaning White Teachers (Article)

Abolitionist Leadership in Schools by Dr. Robert S. Harvey (Book)


Studies show Black, brown and Indigenous people of color are the marginalized segment for receiving poor health care. Proper care and treatment are fundamental components of demonstrating respect for people. Read the blogs and learn how you can help dismantle structural racism in health care and advocate for yourself and others when it comes to health.


Diversity, equity and inclusion are moving the needle on creating inclusive work environments for all, yet we still have more work to do. Read and share the blog posts and resources below to help business leaders in your network discover what they can do to encourage policies and practices that don't "just" support inclusion but provide the foundation for practices that better meet the needs of today's business.


Gerrymandering and voter suppression continues to be a real and present concern. Allies must take the time to get informed and involved to ensure citizens can exercise their fundamental right to vote and experience equity on local, state and national levels. Read these blogs to learn the small yet effective actions you can take to drive your communities' political activism.

This page showcases featured resources selected by the #RootCauseRacism team and its community members. For additional resources take a look at our Resources page. To submit a blog post, idea or resource to be added complete the submission form and someone will connect with you.

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