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Recording – A Special #RootCauseRacism Panel Discussion: “When Brothers Meet at Gemba”

Thank you for reading last week’s second #RootCauseRacism blog series. The series concluded with a panel discussion from the blog authors. Thank you to KaiNexus and The Love and Kindness Project for their support of this important message and body of work.

Calls to Action from each Blog Author

#1: Read Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi… his book that was written before How to be an Anti-Racist. “Stamped” gives some historical context of when white supremacy thought was created — who, when, where. It’s a bit of historical “root cause analysis” of when we became infected with this.

#2: Write a social media post or blog post that connects Lean concepts like “respect for people” or “Gemba” to a social justice or societal issue… to use their voice. Or write it and share privately with a few friends.

#1: Read a book by the minority community where you live.

#2: Go to a play put on by a theatre group from the minority community in your town/city, or the school play in a part of the community with a high concentration of minority students.

#3: Look for public events with speakers from your local minority community, or to a school event at a school with a high concentration of minority students, and simply listen.

#1: The next time you enter a board room, conference room, or virtual room where important decisions are made and important matters are being discussed, ask yourself, “Who is missing from the room (from a diversity perspective)?” And does the makeup of the group represent the diversity of America and the best it has to offer? If it does not, then ask yourself, “What can I do to make it more representative and more welcoming to those underrepresented?

#1: Go to your Gemba.

a. What is your organization doing to build more equity and inclusion? Connect with the leaders driving the work. Support them.

b. What are your clients doing to undo institutional racism? Go ask.

c. What are you doing to create more equity? What could you do better?

#2: Use your voice.

a. Don't be silent. Reach out. Connect. Write. Challenge yourself. Engage in at least one conversation.

b. Go vote!

#1: Read So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo or White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

#2: Subscribe to the “anti-racism daily” e-newsletter

#1: If you haven't already voted

a. Research both the national and local candidates

b. Make a candidate report card for comparison purposes

c. Mentor young people and first-time voters (help them come to their own conclusion about an ideal candidate)

d. Vote!


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