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more than a hashtag

It's a movement


Join the #RootCauseRacism team in learning about allyship for Black LGBTQ+ Community members. 💚❤✊🏾✊🏻

Then take a look at the Colors of Love webinar recording from February 25. This informative panel featured our #RootCauseRacism Series 3 blog authors.

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Eradicating institutional and structural racism

Eradicating institutional and structural racism in the world is a lofty goal and an inspiring challenge.   


Please join the movement as we work to discover the root causes of racism and determine solutions to bring an end to social injustice and systematic racism in Education, Healthcare, and Economics across the globe. 

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OUR Purpose

The purpose of #RootCauseRacism movement is to partner with people around the globe to learn and share meaningful ways we will dismantle structural racism.  


We will accomplish this goal through the development of plans and execution of policy change… “one small thing” at a time.


THe Beginning

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Deondra Wardelle


Frustrated and disheartened about the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, I asked myself, “Wouldn't it be great if my colleagues and I from varying industries shared our historic or recent experiences with systemic racism?” I continued by asking “Could we offer meaningful plans of action to dismantle racism within our areas of influence via daily blogs and a closing panel discussion?” I also captured the goal visually by creating a Strategic Vision Board. 

To address this problem, I partnered with a team of other professionals who were committed to using continuous improvement methodologies to offer S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) countermeasures. Our intent was to craft measures that address the root causes of institutional racism in various areas, including Community Involvement, Business, Education, Healthcare, Government, and the Arts.

What began as a blog series has morphed into a movement.  Please join us as we continue to “share our visions and voices” to #RootCauseRacism

Mark Graban

2020 has been a time of reflection and soul searching for many of us. The news about George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Jacob Blake, Ahmaud Arbery — while obviously not the first tragedies like this — were a real wake up call about ongoing systemic racism, injustice, and the pain that’s felt by people of color. The problems are real and undeniable. It’s time to get off of the sidelines and to try to be part of the solution.

This year, I’ve worked to understand the realities that my Black friends and colleagues face. I’ve done more to listen and I’ve also aimed to help elevate the voices of others who don’t share my privilege, to use my platforms for good.


As we work to create a fair, just, and equitable society for all, I am proud to stand with Deondra and the others in this #RootCauseRacism movement as we build a platform here on this website.

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