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The Edges of Lean Podcast-Episode 8: Continuous Improvement & #RootCauseRacism

Recently I had the opportunity to join Mark Graban, as a guest on Bella Englebach's podcast, The Edges of Lean to share the genesis of the first #RootCauseRacism blog series.

We discussed how Continuous Improvement can be applied to address matters of social injustice in our communities. In addition, we shared the future state of the #RootCauseRacism Movement!

Tune in and learn how you can help us #RootCauseRacism one small step at a time!


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Deondra Wardelle is a Senior-level Training and Development Executive. She has proven expertise in Strategic Growth Initiatives, Organizational and Leadership Development, and Lean Six Sigma Implementation. Deondra has a track record of success in being a catalyst for change and a driver of results, driven to improve processes and operations. She is an astute business strategist who is driven, engaging, collaborative and results-focused. An inspirational leader who serves as a strategic business partner, cultural change steward and operational expert. Effectively lead change management process strategies that facilitate organizational transformation and increase overall capabilities. Possesses an inclusive management style that encourages idea sharing and inspires exceptionalism in others. Proven ability to design and deliver a comprehensive range of learning solutions which produce measurable results.

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